The methodology of  ERS 

is designed to create custom restoration techniques and strategies for specific sites and situations, to customer requirements. A selection  of our previous work is highlighted in the CASE STUDIES pages. Discover the wide range of ecological restoration undertaken by ECOLOGICAL RESTORATION SOLUTIONS 


Our aim is to provide high quality practical solutions to ecological restoration, conservation and green infrastructure issues utilising a range of survey, monitoring, experimental methods and implementation.


Each episode of ecological restoration has it’s own unique characteristics.  We create custom restoration methods and stratagies for specific sites and objectives.  These are based on fundamental ecological science.    

ecological restoration solutions (UK)

THE SCIENCE OF RESTORATION ECOLOGY - PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS  The capability of Ecological Restoration Solutions is provided by a group of professional associates and partner companies with expertise and wide experience gained from decades of  ecological research and provision of consultancy services, working with a range of industries,  research institutes, NGOs, local authorities, government departments and collabaration with  other environmental consultancy companies.